Polk County Library

410 Eighth Street, Mena, Arkansas 71953




The Polk County Library is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and on Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. It is closed on legal holidays and Sundays.


One of the special collections in the library is the Duke Frederick Collection of Materials on History, Government and Politics, which includes a large number of books dealing with the War of the Rebellion.


The Genealogy Room is well-stocked with genealogy how-to books and materials, Polk County family history books compiled by members and others, Arkansas resource materials, national and local periodicals and magazines, Polk County school records, and much more. Also on the shelves are genealogical materials dealing with surrounding counties in both Arkansas and Oklahoma. The microfilm collection includes Arkansas census rolls as well as The Mena Star newspapers on microfilm. There is also a collection of genealogy materials on CD-ROM.


Equipment in the Genealogy Room includes two microfilm readers, a microfilm reader-printer ($.15 copies), and a computer and printer ($.15 copies). The Library also has a copy machine ($.15 copies).


Microfilm Collection:




The Mena Weekly Star



The Mena Evening Star



Polk County Democrat (two rolls)



Polk County Women’s Club (one roll)



Polk County Church Records: Christ Episcopal 1899-1929 and Yocana Baptist Church 1880-1984 (one roll)







All States (three rolls)

1800, 1810, 1820






All counties (one roll)



Morgan, Marion, Marshall and Madison (one roll)



All counties (four rolls)



All counties (seven rolls)



Harris, Harrison, Harp, Henderson, Hopkins, Houston and Hunt (one roll)



All counties (sixteen rolls)



Catahoula, Clairborne, Concordia and DeSoto Parishes (one roll)



Three rolls:

¨      Chambers, Collin, Colorado, Comal and Cooke

¨      Harp, Henderson, Hidalgo, Hill, Hopkins and Houston

¨      Travis, Trinity, Tyler and Upshur




All counties (seventeen rolls)



Three rolls:

¨      Anderson, Angelina, Atascoa and Frio

¨      Hood, Hopkins and Houston

¨      Titus, Travis, Trinity and Tyler




All counties (23 rolls)



Coweta (part), Crawford, Dade and Dawson (one roll)



Morehouse (part) and Natchitoches Parishes (one roll)



Two rolls:

¨      Bexar, Blanco, Borden and Baswque

¨      Hopkins (part), Houston, Howard and Hunt




One roll



Eight of 26 rolls:

¨      Conway and Craighead

¨      Hot Spring, Howard and Independence (part)

¨      Montgomery, Nevada and Perry

¨      Polk and Pope

¨      Pulaski (con’d) and Randolph

¨      Francis, Saline and Scott




Six of 26 rolls:

¨      Carroll, Chicot, Clark

¨      Grant, Hot Spring, blacke

¨      Newton, Montgomery, Nevada, Ouachita

¨      Poinsett, Prairie, Polk, Pope

¨      Saline, Scott, Sharp, Searcy, Stone

¨      Sevier, Union, Van Buren




Two rolls:

¨      Coffee, Dad, Columbia, Crawford, Dawson

¨      Craig (part), Harper, Creek




Six of 34 rolls:

¨      Grant, Hempstead, Howard (part)

¨      Howard (part), Izard, blacke

¨      Montgomery (part), Nevada, Newton, Polk

¨      Ouachita, Pike, Poinsett

¨      Scott, Searcy, Sebastian (part)

¨      Sebastian, Sevier, Stone




Graves (part), Grayson, black, Henry (one roll)



Two rolls:

¨      LeFlore, McCurtain (part)

¨      McCurtain (part), Lincoln (part)











Six of 36 rolls:

¨      Garland, Howard

¨      Mississippi (part), Montgomery, Newton, Ouachita

¨      Polk, Searcy, Pope

¨      Prairie, Scott, Pulaski (part)

¨      Saline, Sharp, Sebastian (cont)

¨      Sebastian, Sevier, Stone




Four rolls:

¨      Johnson, Latimer, Kay (part)

¨      Kiowa, LeFlore (cont)

¨      LeFlore (cont), Lincoln, Logan

¨      McCurtain, Mayes




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CD-ROM Collection

Note: Due to security reasons, all of these CDs are kept behind the library’s front desk.  Ask one of the librarians to obtain the CD you wish to use.  PCGS members may borrow certain CDs/sets and take them home.  If the CD you wish to use has a library “Genealogy” sticker with a blue and a yellow dot, these CDs may not be removed from the library.


- 1850 Arkansas “Census View” – regional census (3 CDs)

- 1900 Arkansas Census – Polk & other Counties

- 1910 Arkansas Census – Poinsett, Prairie, Polk & Pike Counties

- 1920 Arkansas Census – Polk & other Counties

- 1930 Arkansas Census – Polk & other Counties

- Arkansas Original General Land Office Survey Notes & Plats – 1815-present

- SAR Revolutionary War Graves Register – 2000 Edition

- The Civil War CD-ROM v 1.5

- Periodical Source Index (PERSI) – Ancestry & Allen Co. Public Library

– Catalog - Family History Library

– Source Guide - Family History Library

– Vital Records Index North America - Family History Library

– Vital Records Index British Isles - Family History Library

– 1880 United States Census and National Index - Family History Library

- Family Tree Maker Version 5.0 (installation prgm & FamilyFinder Index)

– Social Security Death Index (1937-1996) Vol 1 A-L - Family Tree Maker

– Social Security Death Index (1937-1996) Vol 2 M-Z - Family Tree Maker

– World Family Tree Vols 1 thru 37 - Family Tree Maker (Vol 11 missing)

- Passenger & Immigration Lists: Boston 1821-1850 - Family Tree Maker

- Military Records: MA Civil War Soldiers & Sailors - Family Tree Maker

- Marriage Index: New York City, 1600s – 1800s - Family Tree Maker

- Marriage Index: AZ, CA, ID, NV, 1850-1951 - Family Tree Maker

- Ohio Vital Records #1, 1790s-1870s - Family Tree Maker

- Ohio Vital Records #2, 1750s-1880s - Family Tree Maker


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Family Histories in the Genealogy Room


¨      ADAIR by Shirley Brown Adair

¨      AYERS by Eugene Richard Perry

¨      BARNES

¨      BARTON by Mildred J. Shirley

¨      BATES by Vera Lee Looney Blake

¨      BURKE by Eugene Burke, et al

¨      CALDWELL by Doris J. Caldwell

¨      CALLOW by Lawrence Davenport

¨      CECIL

¨      COCHRAN by Wayne E. Cochran

¨      COTTMAN by Leslie Cottman

¨      COX by Avis Cox, et al

¨      CRAWFORD by Leslie Cottman

¨      CRAWFORD by Homer Rogers

¨      CROUCH (see WARNER)

¨      DANIELS by Halbert’s, Inc.

¨      DAVIS by Wanda Davis Tilley

¨      DE RAMUS by Charlie DeRamus

¨      DEAN by Plumas Co. Museum Assn.

¨      DILBECK by Eugene Richard Perry

¨      EASTON by Mark Easton

¨      EDOM by Margaret Butler (2-volume set)

¨      FLOYD Linda Saul Czarny

¨      FOSTER by Pearl O’Donnell Foster

¨      FRIED/FREED (see LAWS)

¨      GANN by Gann Historical Society (two-volume set)

¨      GRAVES by Mary Agee

¨      HAM by Donna Ham

¨      HAMITER by Amy Reed Branch

¨      HAMITER by Aletha Barker Hamiter

¨      HARMON by Gordon S. Harmon

¨      HARRISON by Muriel Ruth Bigge

¨      HARVEY by Wanda Sue Paslay

¨      HILTON by Kirby D. Watkins

¨      HOLBIRD (see WOOD)

¨      HOLMAN by Harry Stuart Holman

¨      HOLMES by Tonya H. Shook

¨      HUCKABY by Leslie Cottman

¨      HUGHES by Lucy Henderson Horton (two copies)

¨      IGO by June and Louis Igo

¨      JAMES by Philip W. Steele

¨      JONES by Henry Earl Jones

¨      JOPLING by Eason, Fricks, et al

¨      KELLY by Nettie Singleton

¨      KING by C. M. King

¨      KINSEY by Glen Conley Kinsey

¨      KIRK by Judy Krieger, et al

¨      LANCE by Emma Lou LaForge

¨      LAWRENCE by William Pritchett

¨      LAWS

¨      LINDSAY by Old Lindsay

¨      LITTLE by Robert Little

¨      LUM & ABNER

¨      MALLORY by Eva M. Vandiver

¨      McCAULEY BY Phyllis M. Fisher

¨      McCLAIN by Linda Saul Czarny

¨      MENASCO by Virginia O’Neal Norman

¨      MILLER

¨      MILLS by Ralph E. Mills

¨      MILLS by Ralph E. and Katie R. Mills

¨      MOORE by George Moore

¨      NICHOLS by Robert Dusenbury

¨      NICHOLS by Carla Garner

¨      NOBLETT by M. and O. Noblett

¨      OGDEN by C. M. and F. S. Willingham (two copies)

¨      OWENS by La Mena Browning

¨      PARKER by Johnny James Lane (two-volume set)

¨      PARRISH by Mark Easton

¨      PHILPOT by W. Nelson Philpot

¨      PHILPOTT by B. J. Clonts (two-volume set)

¨      PIRTLE by Sharon J. Doliante

¨      PIRTLE by Hazel Dell Pirtle King

¨      POE by McDonald Poe, Sr.

¨      RAY by Wanda M. Gray (two copies)

¨      REED by Kay Reed Bedford

¨      REED by Amy Reed Branch (multi-volume set)

¨      REED by Jean Moore

¨      REED by Avery H. Reed

¨      REED by Glenda R. Swain

¨      RELIC by Edna Relic

¨      RHODES by Gordon E. Rhodes

¨      ROGERS by Homer Rogers (two-volume set)

¨      RUTLEDGE by Amy Reed Branch

¨      RYALS by Orley G. Ryals

¨      SALE by James Sale

¨      SANDERS by Myra Annette Heard Shelton

¨      SELF by Barbara Hamman

¨      SHULTZ by Donald B. Reagan

¨      SIMMONS

¨      SMITH by H. Allen Smith

¨      STAGGS by Linda Evans and Deresa Holler

¨      STEWART by Doug Cooper

¨      STOVALL by Donald E. Bishop

¨      STRUVE by Arno Struve

¨      TAYLOR by Mary Janet Taylor

¨      TOW by Dale Johnson

¨      TOWRY by Della Y. Guise

¨      TURNER by Everett H. Turner (three-volume set)

¨      VARNER by Janice B. Palmer

¨      WALDON by C. K. Waldon

¨      WARNER by Crouch Warner

¨      WEAR by O. J. Edwards and I. W. Roberts

¨      WHITE by Everett H. Turner

¨      WILCOX

¨      WILCOX by Chet Wilcox

¨      WILSON by Walter Wilson

¨      WINGO by U.S. Congress

¨      WOOD by COL (ret) Billy R. Wood




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