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Polk County Courthouse

County Clerk’s Office

507 Church Street

Mena, Arkansas 71953-8782


Open 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday


Beasley-Wood Funeral Home

611 Jansen Street

Mena, Arkansas 71953-8782

Established 1929

Copies of funeral records 1929-1954 are in the Polk County Library


Geyer-Quillan Funeral Home

Closed (absorbed by Beasley-Wood)

Established 1930

Copies of funeral records 1930-1954 are in the Polk County Library


Hall Funeral Home

2608 South Hwy 71

Mena, Arkansas 71953-8782


Established in the 1990s


Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives

P.O. Box 134

Washington, AR 71862

(870) 983-2633


Located in the former Washington Elementary School

On Highway 195.




Serves as a central clearinghouse for record preservation in:


Columbia County

Hempstead County

Howard County

Lafayette County

Little River County

Miller County

Nevada County

Ouachita County

Pike County

Polk County

Sevier County

Union County


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